Dedication, an exhibition devoted to Penka Kassabova
Wednesday, march 8, 2017

Noble, intelligent, highly educated and passionate, Penka Kassabova remains in history as a foremost pedagogue, and also as the woman who kept a special place in the heart of Bulgarian world acclaimed basso Boris Christoff. Kassabova passed away in 2000 leaving “a beehive” of followers and a bright vestige in this country's history of education. She was born in the city of Stara Zagora in 1901 to the family of a teacher. As a child she dreamt of becoming an astronomer but instead graduated in pedagogy from the National College of Education, Chicago Kindergarten College. At the end of her life she said she never regretted her choice of profession that had involved dedication to children.

Dedication is the name of the exhibition recently mounted at Boris Christoff Museum House in Sofia. Its author is the director of the museum Elena Dragostinova. She has selected archival photographs and captions to them selected from books written by Penka Kassabova. This has resulted in an enthralling documentary account about the life of an extraordinary woman.